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RP2040 Stamp

The RP2040 Stamp is a RP2040-based controller with LiPo charger and Neopixel – breaking out all GPIO pins.
Published December 25, 2021

The RP2040 Stamp is a hand-solderable SMD/TH module by Solder Party / arturo182 that integrates the Raspberry Pi RP2040 MCU with 8MB of FLASH, an LDO, LiPo charge management (including a charge LED), a reset button, and a Neopixel. It breaks out all the GPIOs as well as USB, SWD, BOOTSEL, RST, and the voltage pins.

Dimensions: 25x25mm or 1x1 inch. Castellated edges with 2mm pitch.

Quite pricey thought ($12), at least compared to the Pi Pico or even an Adafruit KB2040 Keeboar. Of course you have to incorporate shipping fees (plus VAT and customs) when comparing offers, so it may turn out you end up with spending less depending on your location.

Anyway, check this cool flashing + testing jig:

Published on Sat 25th Dec 2021. Featured in KBD #58 (source).

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