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Weytec MK06

Weytec MK06, a keyboard with three displays spotted by MattothePeerless.

Another similar Weytec was already featured in issue 12, but this one has its display on, and has the trading keys arranged slightly differently.

Featured in KBD #24 (source).


IBM with CMM caps

An IBM KB-8923 with custom CMM caps spotted by freewilly_23.

IBM 5251 terminal

IBM 5251 terminal with beamspring keyboard spotted by jrayself.


Airbus A380 unfolding keyboard

Video of an otherwise meh Airbus A380 keyboard with a mesmerizing unfolding mechanism. Posted by horticulturistSquash (discussion).

Genovation KB170: 170 keys

The Genovation KB170, spotted by usbinputdevices, is a keyboard with 104 standard + 66 programmable keys.