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Behind the Scenes of Issue 69

National holiday, new donor, new regular supporter, new shop, new acquisitions.

Published March 14, 2022

Hey y'all,

I'm still Tamás Dövényi from Hungary, trying to keep an eye on and write about keyboards while the war rages on in the neighboring Ukraine.

This is a quick placeholder post since we have a national holiday here and I'm hiking in the mountains with my family. I may edit and extend this post later.

Btw, this national holiday is the anniversary of a revolution here – eventually, Hungarian freedom fighters were defeated by Russian forces... which leads us to:

Refugee crisis

Thanks for your donations, many thanks to Jane Wolcott, the only one-time supporter this week.

I'll transfer the money to the same charities helping Ukrainian refugees I did last week.

New supporter

Thanks KEEBD for subscribing as a regular donor! Dear readers, if you are located in Australia, check Steven's shop:

New shop

UK-based SerpentKeys has been around for a year but I added its entry to the keyboard vendor database only last week. Ollie offered a 5% discount for you (first purchase) using the code "KBDNEWS":

New acquisition

Another vintage terminal is on the way. Nothing to show yet.

Thanks, Tamás

Published on Mon 14th Mar 2022. Featured in KBD #69.

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