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Luggable computers rock

Rossenheimer thought folks will appreciate the unidentified luggable computer his boss brought to the office.
Published October 31, 2021

He is not even sure what it is because he got it so long ago when he was writing a program for a mining companies drill operation – Rossenheimer.

I do own some luggable computers, they are cool but nothing near this one integrated into an actual suitcase. :D

While I've seen many similar models out there (without the suitcase ofc) I can't recognize this one on the picture. I'm not sure about comments mentioning Osbornes and Kaypros.

If I remember right, luggables were marketed mainly for engineers who could take these beasts e.g. to a construction site.

They were called portables but "movable" might be a better word since they are heavy as hell.

Published on Sun 31st Oct 2021. Featured in KBD #50 (source).

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