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MCC keycap profile

MCC is a new cylindrical keycap profile for Kailh Choc low profile switches by MoErgo.

Published on September 8, 2021 by

After seeing these prototypes of a uniform cylindrical Choc keycap profile I reached out to the author and we had a nice chat about both these caps and his other project.

But firstly, let's talk about the keycap:

I have designed a new key cylindrical profile for Kailh Choc switches. These prototypes are printed using SLA resin and they are translucent – MoErgo.

So the caps on the picture are SLA-printed resin prototypes and may not 100% represent the final product which will be injection molded POM.

Key features:

  • Designed for Kailh Choc key switches (PG1350 series)
  • Designed for Choc spacing (18mm x 17mm)
  • Cylindrical profile
  • Injection molded POM
  • Translucent, designed to glow with under-key LED
  • Textured
  • Inspired by mburger's MBK profile; specifically designed not to visually clash with MBK keycaps

I use a Creality LD-006. It is a decent SLA-printer. What I found however is that the support arrangements and print angle make a big difference to quality. I had to experiment a bit.

As for hand-polishing, Stephen FDM-printed custom sanding blocks to perfectly fit the keycap shape.

Here are some more pictures.

And here in the interest check.

What's even more intriguing though: this keycap, besides being a stand-alone product, is also a part of a much bigger plan.

u/MoErgo was kind enough to answer some quick questions so here is a fresh insight into what he's up to:

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Stephen of MoErgo. I live in New Zealand, I'm married with kids. Busy household.

Your daily job?

Maker, inventor & entrepreneur who likes to push any technology to the limit.

How long have you been in the keyboard hobby?

Been designing ergonomic keyboards for over 6 years.

General field of interest in the hobby?

Ergonomics and low profile.

Your story in the mk scene in a nutshell?

Fanatical in ergonomics, as many of my staff (and myself) had keyboard or mouse related OOS (occupational overuse syndrome). Spent many thousands buying Kinesis Advantage for my staff, but we know it could be much better. Designing the perfect ergonomic keyboard became my addiction.

Favorite keyboard layout, switch type/model, keycap profile/set?

Glove80, because this is the keyboard I and my friends have been working on.

The MoErgo username is just a few days old. A brand new username can be considered suspicious especially with group buy runners.

(He shares his other user profile with me but asks for keeping it private.)

I keep very low profile on reddit and mainly a lurker, you won't see much there. As we are busy doing, we are mainly lurkers.

It won't be a problem for the keycap GB IMO. I have just placed the order for the mold; I won't start the GB until the mold is finished and I have approved the POM samples. I.e. I am fronting the full investment and risk.

Any previous projects?

In a couple of weeks time, I will show you the Glove80 keyboard. We are extremely excited and think you will be too. :)

Who is "we"? Are you a team of professionals or hobbyists?

Me and my friends. It started off as a hobby project, but like everything else I touch, it became rather serious. Now I am taking Glove80 to commercial.

You mentioned "500 prototypes" earlier. Do you mean you have 500 prototype keyboards laying around? :) You made me very curious about this project.

We went through 500+ prototypes. :) I believe in the importance of theories, but above all testing rules supreme (especially A/B testing). For now I won't disclose how we do it; but perhaps later we will for the launch of Glove80. :D

Published on Wed 8th Sep 2021. Featured in KBD #43 (source).


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