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Siemens linear accelerator keyboard

Do you need two keys to start your keyboard? K1LLAmanJARO spotted one.

Published on August 9, 2021 by

It's for controlling a linear accelerator used for radiation therapy, so it damned well better have hardware key interlocks to put it in maintenance mode and enable radiation – mikelieman.

Published on Mon 9th Aug 2021. Featured in KBD #38 (source).

Tags: spotting


IBM 5291

Kirkwood1994 picked up a beautiful 5291.

Chyron Duet

This Chyron battleship with Cherry Clears was saved by virulentvalor from being tossed out.



The MCM/70 is a Canadian microcomputer from 1973 with one-line gas plasma display and dual cassette drives. Posted by reportcrosspost.


Old electron microscope

An old electron microscope: plastic keys recessed in wood. Spotted by IAmAQuantumMechanic.


SKALA computer system

The Soviet SKALA was the process computer for the RBMK Nuclear Reactor at Chernobyl NPP.