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32-key buckling spring keyboard

This 32-key IBM/QAZ buckling spring keyboard was committed by u/Pocketfullofbugs.
Published September 2, 2022
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The lower case. Part IBM. Part QAZ. All killer, no filler. A 32 key buckling spring keyboard – Pocketfullofbugs.

After his QAZer Beam, a beamspring beast, Pocketfullofbugs came up with lower_case, a similar concept but without the hard-to-source beamspring switches:

This thing does what I wanted the QAZer Beam to do. Use the correct switch. The QAZer beam was awesome but I cannot get beamspring switches, so it boils down to an MX board hiding in a much cooler case. It felt like putting a Ferrari kit on a Kia. This though, this is real.

Solenoid noise is still integral part of the design – working title for the board was: "make them reinstate work from home".

If you are interested in this slightly masochistic/sadistic part of the hobby, check out Model D, this chopjob or ofc the QAZer Beam with case files.


Files on GitHub:

Coffee Break Keyboards Discord server:

We are doing a production run in the future – Pocketfullofbugs.
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Published on Fri 2nd Sep 2022. Featured in KBD #93 (source).


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