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Behind the Scenes of Issue 31

New open source designs and personal favorites, tips on IO expanders and jasmonite. Split database revamp continued. Issue 30 follow-up.
Published June 21, 2021


This week I learned of IO expanders and jasmonite, and there were some open source designs published again.

Sometimes I have to encourage people to share their source files, and this worked with the Snowflake by kbranch38 and the Split89 by jurassic73.

Btw, I have less time for my private projects these days, but I tried to fit some priority projects in my schedule: e.g. working on the split database and keeping track of new projects for the KBD.

And at the end of this post you can find my priority list ATM.

Summer schedule

You may know that I'm kind of a [...]

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If you can't afford supporting this project, don't worry, I might publish parts of these write-ups later.

Btw, the full story is 4500+ characters long and you can read it at:

Published on Mon 21st Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #31 (source).

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