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Behind the Scenes of Issue 44

Vendor database progress update, 7 new discount codes, zombie stores, behind the controversial vendor top list. Issue 43 follow-up.

So this week I've learned what the heck the Wicki-Hayden layout is, how to use rice to build a keyboard, and that microcontrollers aren't even required to run a keyboard. Yeah, and that you don't mess with the feelings of some community members when it comes to top vendors. :D

But first...

Issue 43 follow-up

Newsletter: 38 new subscribers, opening and clickthrough rates are similar to previous weeks or slowly decreasing which is probably inevitable.

Supporters: ...


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Published on Mon 20th Sep 2021. Featured in KBD #44 (source).


Behind the Scenes of Issue 22

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Behind the Scenes of Issue 43

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Behind the Scenes of Issue 25

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