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End QWERTY hegemony

A one-handed writer’s search for the perfect mechanical keyboard.
Published August 11, 2021
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Britt H. Young wrote a review of Wirecutter's mechanical keyboards based on her specific needs as a one-handed writer.

The write-up is mostly on prebuilts, but its unique perspective makes this an interesting read:

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Published on Wed 11th Aug 2021. Featured in KBD #39 (source).


Gradient dyed cable guide

How to make gradient dyed mechanical keyboard cables – tips, tricks and experiences shared by u/htig.

Brass tube handwiring

Neat handwiring by n0t_dane using brass tubes instead of magnet wire.

3D-printed "PCB"

3D-printed "PCB" for solderless hotswap prototyping by 50an6xy06r6n.

Keyboard Core controller

A new controller board by JimHeaney optimized for custom keyboards.


Lev Popov's Orbital is a tiny standalone trackpad you can stick on your keyboard.

Improved square matrix

The improved square matrix is actually a round-robin matrix handling the same number of switches – but with less diodes.