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Fairlight MFX3 Plus

The Fairlight MFX3 Plus is a dedicated hardware designed to handle 24 tracks of recording live.
Published April 18, 2022
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Some people like dedicated hardware over using a general purpose computer, and we keyboard enthusiast owe a big thanks to them (from CNC to ultrasonic machine operators) and the designers and manufacturers serving them.

Posted by @rzwv, the Fairlight MFX3 Plus sports ALPS SKCL Yellow keyswitches, and was designed to handle 24 tracks of recording live.

In essence, the MFX3 is the hard-disk replacement for a conventional analog/digital multitrack transport – up to 24 tracks of simultaneous, real-time record/replay locked to timecode, with all of the normal editing functions.

According to Mel Lambert reviewing the MFX3 in this article, one neat aspect of this beast is that the removable 5.25-inch MO drive can not only hold a complete 24-track project, but will also replay up to 12 tracks continuously.

Without menus, mostly depending on keyboard shortcuts, this type of system requires that you don't walk away for too long. Otherwise you will forget how to run this – techristian.

Fairlight MFX3 Plus keyboard layout (click to enlarge):


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Published on Mon 18th Apr 2022. Featured in KBD #74 (source).

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