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Microsystems MS-21D

A Microsystems MS-21D spotted by Manpeas.

This Microsystems MS-21D with strange Japanese ortholinear keyboard is from the early 1990s.

Published on Sun 4th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #33 (source).


TeleVideo terminal keyboard

FoxGaming spotted this vintage TeleVideo terminal keyboard with NMB Yellow Space Invader switches.

Fujifilm Frontier negative scanner

Ortho board on a Fujifilm Frontier negative scanner. Spotted by Benjaminfjer.


IBM System 32 5320

Wow! The IBM System 32 is built into a desk and its "display" is a tractor feed printer. Shared by neetoday.


Veyboard: syllable chording

When you think you've already seen everything, mrmrabcabc introduces Veyboard, a syllable chording keyboard.

IBM Model M5-2

An IBM Model M5-2 with a cute little trackball. Posted by opalinemoth.