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National Keyboard Meetup Day 2024

There's National Keyboard Meetup Day again, this year on July 27th. With lots of meetups and live streams.
Published June 28, 2024
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National Keyboard Meetup Day is an informal keyboard meetup holiday, started due to an abundance of overlapping meetups last year on July 29th. This year it falls on July 27th!

Last time the organizers set up a live stream at each meetup and allowed attendees to wave to their friends at other meetups; as well as enabled attendees at home to watch the events.

We're looking to repeat this year and have a few overlapping events yet again, so please do consider this an advertisement to attend these events if they're local or interesting to you! – Eric.

Check out the events:



  • Website: – everything you need to participate is there.
  • Date: July 27, 2024 – see links and the image above for specific times.
  • Location/venue: USA coast to coast & streams via discord
  • Fee: FREE online
  • RSVP:
  • Organizers: Prime - Chicago, Burks.keys - Chicago, danielsun - DC/MD/VA, resistance-frequencies - NYC, Enomooshiki - Keeblife, Meep - AZ, WockE - SF, Furion - SF, Manofinterests - Norcal


Events & Websites

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Published on Fri 28th Jun 2024. Featured in KBD #168 (source).