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Toad v2

This is an old project for reference: Toad v2 by TalkingTree, an open-source 70% keyboard from 2017.
Published March 16, 2024
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Nothing new here, the Toad v2 was designed in 2017 and released the next year, so still in times. It was brought to my attention by this recent post by HubertTheMad (top photo), and being open source, I thought it belonged here.

The Toad v2, originally designed and shared by TalkingTree/RealLaugh/farmakon, is a 70% board: 60% plus F-row. You can see similar boards on the market nowadays, often with an F13 key.


However, the Toad is fully open source: PCB, case, everything.


  • 70% layout (various options)
  • MX, soldered
  • top mount case
  • on-board Atmega32U4
  • QMK support
  • about 1,900 grams

The PCB supports split Backspace, Shifts and ANSI or ISO Enter. Bottom row could either be standard or winkeyless (with or without the actual winkey).


LEDs are predisposed in either a dedicated spot or in-switch in the Esc and Caps Lock's pads.

The author used his TOAD with EasyAVR v3.00.01 by David Howland/metalliqaz, but it has QMK support as well. With regards to QMK compatibility: Toad shares the same matrix with the XMMX, so it's considered a variant. Make sure you're choosing the correct keymap and layout.


About the build in the top photo:

Purchased from Emils/Funderburker as he was helping TalkingTree/RealLaugh sell his keeb collection since he is leaving the hobby. Decided to keep it and use it in this current config to honor them both. Threw on some CRP and snapped some pics – HubertTheMad.


The project is available in a bit messy way:

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Published on Sat 16th Mar 2024. Featured in KBD #158 (source).