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ULP Dactyl

A Dactyl Manuform with Cherry Ultra Low Profile switches: ULP Dactyl by jonbohz.
Published December 22, 2023
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Fellow redditor jonboh/jonbohz shared his ULP Dactyl, a Dactyl Manuform with Cherry Ultra Low Profile switches and single-key ULP Amoeba PCBs.


  • 42 keys, 5-key thumb cluster
  • Cherry ULP switches
  • trackball
  • handwired


Lots of tips in the github repo, however, the author wouldn't recommend this experiment for people who haven't made a couple of ergo keyboards already:

As this was the first keyboard I made with ULPs I made a huge amount of iterations that didn't go anywhere. At times it was quite frustrating because these switches are kind of fragile. You can easily snap them if you are not careful putting the keycaps and removing them. Also the plastic in the switches can suffer while soldering the pcbs with the hot air gun. If you take too long with the heat the switch gets damaged and the snappiness is completly lost.


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Published on Fri 22nd Dec 2023. Featured in KBD #148.


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