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Zealio V1 Redux

ThereminGoat reviewed the Zealio V1 Redux switches.
Published November 29, 2021
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This week, ThereminGoat looked at the revival of the OG Zealios V1 stems in the new Zealio V1 Redux switches.

The big question was whether or not these really stack up as a true representation of the original switches "that kicked off the entire modern switch scene".

The Zealios V1 Redux switches really do mimic many of the good, worthwhile features that the original Zealios V1 switches had while improving on some of their less savory issues. Mind you, these switches are still far from perfect, and even with a revival of the ergo-clear-like tactile bump and an improvement on the overall stem wobble in this Redux, issues with spring ping and scratch have been proven to be fixable by Gateron recently, but somehow not yet for Zeal and his switches – ThereminGoat.

Full article:

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Published on Mon 29th Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #54 (source).

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