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A really big keyboard

RKade built a huge keyboard out of cardboard. And it works.
Published August 23, 2022
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Advertised as the "world's largest keyboard", which it's definitely not, this still large one built by the nice couple of the RKade Youtube channel deserves a spot in even if I try to avoid featuring meme boards.

I'm not sure about the size of the OutHorse Your Email board, but that Russian concrete one which regularly emerges on r/mk (but which I can't find now ofc) is way larger – although not a working one.

Anyway, Kristine and Riley did a good job by building a ridiculously large working keyboard using a stock PCB – but with custom built caps and switches.

This video documents the process of building the largest keyboard in the world, attempting to secure the title with Guinness, and then competing in a typing contest!

As a side note, I first thought the typing game in the video was but it's another one: Typing Attack.

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Published on Tue 23rd Aug 2022. Featured in KBD #92 (source).


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