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The Enclave-1 USB hub/macropad by KeyQuest_tech is now open-source.
Published January 19, 2023

Teased last October, the Enclave-1, a macropad and USB hub, as well as the industrial design thesis project of KeyQuest_tech has been released.

A while ago, I posted about my thesis project, the Enclave-1. Initially, I wanted to sell the product, but my goal changed, and I no longer have the time or drive to do so and manage sales. However, I've decided to make it open source – KeyQuest_tech.


As of now, the STM version doesn't work, try the AVR one:

Published on Thu 19th Jan 2023. Featured in KBD #112 (source).

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Inkkeys: an e-ink macropad

The inkkeys is a dynamically assignable macropad project with e-ink screen by DiConX (video, docs, git).

Chonkpad - A 3D printed MurphPad case

The Chonkpad is an open-source 3D printed MurphPad case by Customniches.

Analog macropad and encoder

News from riskable: a handwired analog macropad and analog encoder.

Art Deco Macropad Case

A Bioshock inspired art deco macropad case by ZackGear.

Macropad for osu!

Oplivion built and open-sourced a custom macropad with knobs and a slider.

Banana macropad

This is a banana shaped 3D printed macropad by dapperrogue with STL files.