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Fujitsu Micro-8

Akabander plans to recreate a Fujitsu Micro-8 keyboard.

OK, this photo (source) is not able to faithfully represent the sheer awesomeness of the Fujitsu Micro-8 or FM-8.

I'm grateful Akabander called my attention to this particular model.

My first PC when I was a kid was a Fujitsu Micro-8. I chose it myself, for reasons, but the lack of popular software meant I had to teach myself BASIC to play any games. A few of my programs had some small popularity in Singapore in the early 1980s, but the audience was tragically tiny. Anyway, ancient history aside, I thought it might be fun to build a mech keeb with some of the look of the old FM-8 keyboard – Akabander.

Published on Fri 22nd Oct 2021. Featured in KBD #49 (source).


Devlin spotted

A Devlin Electronics keyboard with tons of keys found by beez_y.


A 112-key macropad

The The ultimate macropad or G(igantic)FO with relgendable keycaps and MX style switches. Spotted by Technofrikus.

Monterey MK-9500

This Monterey MK-9500 posted by purpsoli is a double purpose keyboard (piano keyboard on the back) with white Alps.