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HP 264X keyboard

A mouthwatering HP 264X keyboard from 1974 reviewed by Chyrosran22.

Today we look at a really old keyboard from HP with extremely complicated switches; ITW magnetic valve! – Chyrosran22

Published on Thu 30th Sep 2021. Featured in KBD #46 (source).


One-handed Maltron

A Maltron found by lychee-ramune while cleaning up a storage room.

SafeType V801

A nice review of the one and only SafeType – tested by cornbreadninja.


A lucky postal worker

A lucky postal worker in an episode of How It’s Made. Spotted by Gorbitron1530.


Lear Siegler ADM-2

Vintage Lear Siegler ADM-2 keyboard (circa 1974) with Key Tronic Foam & Foil switches. Posted by jacksonh22.