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Lily58 3D printable case

A 3D printable case for the Lily58 by j_oshreve.

Lily58 3D printable case and instructions are available on gibhub:

The initial version is for the Lily58 V1 with Mill-Max sockets for hot swap.

Published on Fri 4th Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #29 (source).



The Matcha59 is a hand-wired, angled, 3D-printable Preonic alternative by rykbio.



QAZ-Simple: a simple, drop-in style open source case by dingusxmcgee_ for the QAZ keyboard kit.

A magnetic case for the crkbd/Corne

A well documented magnetic case for the crkbd/Corne keyboard by weissbieremulsion (git).

A stylish Iris case

COrthbandt has built and shared a new 3D printed Iris case.