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Macropad dump

Three macropad projects have been published recently: the VoidPad 9S1E by Tuxic, the POSpad by _vastrox_, and Bitdrive made a case for the Spin.
Published June 6, 2022
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Well, there were much more macropads posted of course, but these three have open-source PCBs and/or cases:

VoidPad 9S1E

Voidworkspace aka Tuxic published his VoidPad 9S1E, along with a cool photolog.

(This revision has issues with the OLED screen but is completely functional otherwise.)


Github repo:


_vastrox_ aka kb-elmo shared his POSpad, a 4-key / POS macropad. (POS means "Point Of Sale" in this case, like in cash register systems in supermarkets – these big keycaps are made for those systems.)


Finally finished my 3D printed POS pad. It has a custom USB-C PCB inside and can be configured for either four individual keys or the single big POS key – _vastrox_.

Files on Github:


Bitdrive posted a making-of video of his stylish wooden case for Nicholas Junker's Spin macropad.

GitHub repo of the Spin PCB:

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Published on Mon 6th Jun 2022. Featured in KBD #81.


3D printed macropad without soldering

A DIY 3D printed, handwired macropad by wlard with 3D printed hotswap plates and video guide.

Eternal Keypad

Kyek published his open-source gaming keypad for lefties.


The Gigapad is a wireless macropad designed by Eric Pietrowicz.


Takashi shared the Gerbers of his Snowflake macropad.

Stress fightpad

GrO3veman designed an arcade fight pad dubbed Stress.

Macro board

An open source macro board with PCB, case and plate (git) by Gowlandr.