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Sphere keyboard and air mouse

This sphere keyboard and wireless air mouse is the creation of Pavlo Khmel – with STLs.
Published October 20, 2023
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Hey, do you like 60% keyboads? In fact, Pavlo Khmel's (also pavlokhmel) space mouse has 60 keys but still couldn't be any more different than a standard 60%.

Are you ready for the future? Start training now with a 9999-year keyboard mouse – Pavlo.

The sphere conceals an ESP-32 controller for Bluetooth connectivity, and an accelerometer/gyroscope sensor is in charge of supporting mouse functions.


Keyboard specs

  • 60 keys, MX, hotswap (sort of…)
  • Optionally split?! 2x30
  • ESP-32 controller
  • accelerometer/gyroscope

Video demo:


  • STLs on printables
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Published on Fri 20th Oct 2023. Featured in KBD #140 (source).


Doom keycap

Brostafarian open sourced the keycap that plays Doom.


An about 10 cm wide 40% keyboard by juskim: tinyKeys with Gerbers.


Sporewoh's modkipz40 is a monoblock split pocket keyboard using mouse switches.

Honeywell H316 kitchen computer

Some thoughts in defense of the often ridiculed Honeywell H316 kitchen computer.

Gboard bar

The Gboard bar is the result of Google Japan's latest brainstorm.

Gboard CAPS: A head-turning innovation

The Gboard team is back with another weird input device: the portable and fashionable Gboard CAPS – which is a hat keyboard!