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Tesla Consul 259.6

A Tesla Consul 259.6 keyboard from a Soviet mainframe computer terminal – restored and posted by u/chernobyl_dude
Published June 30, 2022

We restored and powered up a Consul (Tesla) 259.6 terminal keyboard, made in Czechoslovakia in the Soviet epoch. It is a sturdy (but beautiful) device that well, weighs more than 3 Kg – Chernobyl Family.

According to the creator of the video, the same keyboard had been used at Jupiter electronics factory in Pripyat and likely at Chernobyl Duga OTH radar as well as a part of their ES-7927 mainframe operators' workplaces.

By the way, I was told ES-7927 is a terminal for multiple types of ES mainframes (in original Cyrillic writing it is ЕС-7927), like the one in this old video.

Published on Thu 30th Jun 2022. Featured in KBD #85 (source).

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1970s Cortron keyboard

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The Unicomp/General Electric Medical Model M!

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Siemens Unity 2

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IBM Model F AT

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Datadesk LittleFingers

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IBM System 9000 Model F

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