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The btrfld

u/SolidusHal's btrfld is a quite unique foldable, low profile, tenting keyboard.
Published April 27, 2022

Pronounced "butter-fold", btrfld is the foldable, portable sibling of SolidusHal's btrfly keyboard introduced almost exactly a year ago.

This is a handwired prototype but the STLs are published.

Folding mechanism

The keyboard features a carefully crafted and pretty unique folding mechanism for better portability:

Pic: The btrfld's tenting mechanism

The btrfld's tenting mechanism


  • folds flat for portability
  • ortho-ish layout
  • 5-key dactyl-manuform-mini thumb cluster
  • low-pro, flat, tented qwerty keys
  • 6 extra mappable keys
  • Bluetooth (optional)

GitHub repo with more photos:

Published on Wed 27th Apr 2022. Featured in KBD #76 (source).

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