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Two-ball trackball

An open-source, fully programmable two-ball, three-button USB trackball by jfedor2.

Not a keyboard, but another nice companion.

The GitHub repository linked below contains design files and code that can be used to make a fully programmable two-ball, three-button USB trackball:

Published on Mon 22nd Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #53 (source).


Pimoroni trackball support in ZMK

Coded, built and tested by cdc_mkb on a Zephirum, Pimoroni PIM447 trackball is now supported in ZMK firmware.


Ploopy Nano design files released

The design files of the Ploopy Nano Trackball by crop_octagon are officially released (git).


The cocot46 is a homebrew keyboard with an integrated trackball and rotary encoder.