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3D printed macropad case

An open-source magnetic macropad case by bikepackerdude.
Published October 31, 2021

Case files available on the project's GitHub page:

There are two case layouts. While the bottom part on the 7-switch layout is just pressure fitted into the top piece using a 0.1mm tolerance, the 10-switch case uses round 5x2mm magnets to snap the case parts together.

The case uses standard MX spacing, meaning you can use any MX compatible switches and keycaps.

Published on Sun 31st Oct 2021. Featured in KBD #50 (source).

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No Faff macropad

No Faff is an open-hardware 24-key macropad with cool backplate art – designed by Kfir.

Dumbpad build

A low budget build by cucumbermemes: impchipwood's dumbpad (git).

3D-printed macropad

A Pico-based 3D-printed macropad by dr2mod with case STLs.

Macro board

An open source macro board with PCB, case and plate (git) by Gowlandr.


PD_DECK is a hot macropad by Monksoffunk primarily to control Lightroom.


Source files of Tweetydabirdie's DaNumPad are available on GitHub.