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A battered Geac

Cute writing found by i_heart_lolis on a Geac 8340, an 80's library computer keyboard.
Published July 31, 2021

Cute writing I found on an 80's library computer keyboard takes communicating through the keyboard to the next level – i_heart_lolis.

As BillyBuerger points out, this is a Geac 8340 and there's a thread about this vintage keyboard model used in libraries on Deskthority.

The writing on the case says:

"This is like playing ATARI!"

Indeed, the arrow cluster on the right side resembles that of an Atari.

And finally, another photo with more Geac keyboards:

Geac 8340
Geac 8340

Published on Sat 31st Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #37 (source).

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