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Atreyu V2

New year, new Atreyu. Rev2 with choc spacing by jcliment.
Published January 5, 2023

Jesus Climent published his latest Atreyu. After last year's Atreyu V1, Rev2 is a low-profile monoblock split keyboard with Choc spacing and some new features:


  • New options for MCUs:
    • Pro Micro: with this MCU the functionality of the keyboard is only reduced by not being able to use encoders.
    • Elite-C, Elite-Pi, Puchi, Frood: all the functionality, i.e. OLED, encoders, all keys.
    • Nice!Nano v2: all functionality plus wireless! (Some restrictions apply.)
  • OLED screen support: pins for a 32x128 screen over the MCU
  • Wireless support: Space for a battery, with power kill switch and pins for soldering the battery to the PCB, currently for a 500mAh
  • 5 underglow LEDs (SK6812Mini-E slots) as status indicators.

Some pins are shared across the OLED, the encoders and the LEDs, so they require sacrificing one in favor of the other. E.g. in a board with OLED and LEDs, one can only have one encoder.

Different versions of the PCB will be released for different battery sizes. And Rev2 with MX spacing will be released soon.


Published on Thu 5th Jan 2023. Featured in KBD #110 (source).

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