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Badger 2040 keypad

Andreas Känner took Pimoroni's RP2040-powered e-ink display and put it on a macropad.
Published May 31, 2022

The Badger 2040 keypad is a programmable USB macropad with keymap display – designed by Andreas Känner (whose PicoSplit keyboard was featured in KBD#55).

This project uses Pimoroni's Badger e-ink gadget which is driven by an RP2040 chip. Thus, the macropad's firmware is based on CircuitPython and can be easily flashed/updated.

If you just want to customize key bindings, you don't even need to know how to program, as there is a configuration file for this that you can easily edit in a text editor.

The original Badger has five inferior buttons, but what if you need more keys (and decent ones)?

Andreas designed an extension with 12 mechanical keys (both MX and Choc compatible).

Hotswap display


However, the most spectacular characteristic of this thing is that the display part is hotswap and it's held by magnets:

The badge is held magnetically on the keypad and can be easily attached or removed, because Pogo Pins are used for the electrical connection. You can even do this while the badge is connected to the computer – Andreas.

When removed, the badge automatically switches to the appropriate mode. When plugged in, it shows the keyboard mapping of the additional keys and when operated without the external keyboard, it shows the mapping of its built-in keys.


Published on Tue 31st May 2022. Featured in KBD #81 (source).

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