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Baji: An edge clamp Minidox case

Baji is a 3D printable Minidox Case by Metafalls_.
Published August 13, 2021

This clever modular system comprises the two-part top case (left and right) which slide to the side of the PCB and are anchored in place by the bottom case.

Currently, there are two bottom cases: a flat one and another with 15° tenting – with the angle printed into the tenting base.

No external parts (bolts, nuts, glues, etc.) needed for assembly:

The pegs are made tight fit, so it is stuck there firm. This one is printed on 0.2mm layer height and I haven't tested it with coarser and/or smoother resolution – Metafalls_.

STLs on Thingiverse:

More pics:

Published on Fri 13th Aug 2021. Featured in KBD #39 (source).

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