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Carl Westman's take on the Urchin with some more keys: the Brain.
Published May 13, 2023

Carl Westman aka Wesztman shared Brain, a 40-key wireless-only split keyboard based on Duckyb/Kyek's Urchin.

Introducing the "Brain" 😄 A 40 key ZMK keyboard based on the Urchin by Kyek! ❤ I loved the Urchin but as a Swede I really wanted to be able to fit in å,ä and ö on the first layer – Wesztman.

Compared to the Urchin, the Brain has 3 extra keys on each side. One extra pinky column with two keys and one extra thumb key. In addition, all 5 pinky keys are placed 2mm lower than the original Urchin keys.


  • 40 hotswap Choc keys
  • Wireless only (nice!nano)
  • Nice!view support
  • Power switch
  • 3 thumb keys
  • 3D printed case files
  • Cute brain logo


Published on Sat 13th May 2023. Featured in KBD #122 (source).

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