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Dactyl Sygnus/Cygnus

A Dactyl-inspired sub-40% split keyboard: Dactyl Cygnus by u/scytile.
Published June 14, 2022
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Juha Kauppinen aka Scytile published the STLs of his Sygnus, a cute split inspired by predecessors like the Dactyl.

(Sygnus was the original name, later renamed to Cygnus I guess. There are still some Sygnus references in the docs.)

Other than looking gorgeous with all its attractive curves, the Cygnus is handwired, has 5x3 keys plus three thumb keys per half, and it features an uncommon pinky cluster.

I've been playing around with Fusion 360 to create this dactyl inspired sub 40% keyboard. I wanted it to have a bit more designed look to it, rather than the usual generated versions. I also didn't want to have the switches visible – scytile.

STLs are available with and without hotswap sockets.

The housing even sports a controller holder designed to fit a 35mm x 17.7mm Pro Micro sized development board.

GitHub repo this way.

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Published on Tue 14th Jun 2022. Featured in KBD #83 (source).



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