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This Gnat, built by u/ai_Doge, is another member of Jim Merricks' bug themed ergo split family.
Published September 2, 2022
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The Gnat (formerly Termite) is another member of Jim Merricks' bug themed line of tiny ergo split designs.

This isn't a new one but, in contrast to the Flea, Mosquito or Midge, the Gnat hasn't been featured on yet so thanks ai_Doge for posting your build and making me aware of this version.

The Gnat is like a Midge with an extra inner key or a Mosquito without the outer pinky key.

All the files are available in this GitHub repo:

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Published on Fri 2nd Sep 2022. Featured in KBD #93 (source).



Yask Bois by Sndr666 – yet another split keyboard.

Kolibri keyboard

The Kolibri is an Alice style design by kreme11 with open-source case.

Egg58 v2

Travis Mick published his low-pro split egg58 – along the lines of the Ergodox/Sofle/Moonlander.

Dilemma keyboard

u/Fmcraft published his Dilemma – a 5x3+2 split keyboard with trackpad.


A clean ultra-low profile ortho split design by @ak1_foo – with Kailh X-switches and only 7.3mm overall height.

Lily58 Pro with rotary encoder

Open-sourced Lily58 Pro with rotary encoder by atlantesque (repo) [UNTESTED!].