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Humla is a 36-key low profile Reviung derivative by jamesmnw.
Published November 13, 2021

The Humla (which means bumblebee in Swedish) is a 36-key low profile keyboard based on the Reviung by gtips and the Rev-lp by cyril279.

I designed it during the spring and had intended to release it then, but there were a couple of problems with the early prototypes and it got put on pause – jamesmnw.

This board is for low profile Choc switches and features Choc-spacing (18x17mm). Also, it has basic support for Bluetooth Pro Micro alternatives (such as the nRFMicro used in this build).

GitHub repo with source files:

Published on Sat 13th Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #52 (source).

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ErgoChoco is a well-documented open-source pseudosplit build by Choco617.


Fusion is u/steven4012's foldable travel board – with all the source files.

Threaded Dactyl Flex

u/Diitsuku designed and shared a threaded Dactyl Flex with a clever mechanism to adjust the tenting angle.

The Mosquito

The Mosquito is a 34 key Bluetooth only, split column-stagger keyboard by jamesmnw with splay and a pinkie cluster.

The Djinn Rev2a

A new update to the Djinn by tzarc – a test bed for QMK hardware development (repo).

Andante: a row-staggered wireless split

Andante: a row-staggered wireless split by jmding.