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Kit Adam upgrade

As reported by BoyU, the popular LEGO-compatible Adam ecosystem is growing. Upgrade, new color and parts, including wrist rests.
Published March 9, 2023
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It’s been a quarter since KBDcraft announced the Adam kit, and the design has been updated with new add-ons.

My original post on this LEGO-compatible kit is still popular, just like the product itself:

The video and the audience’s reaction have proven people love the idea – BoyU.

And the idea was a 60% custom mechanical keyboard with a brick-built case, gasket mount, QMK and unlimited upgrade potential.

With High-quality parts, Adam embodies a revolutionary minecraft-style retro aesthetic into any setup – KBDcraft.

I would highlight the affordability as well. The barebone kit goes for $60 (the full kit is $100), and BoyU offered you a 5% discount (don't forget the KBDNEWS discount code at checkout).

Behind the first keyboard design, a new model has been developed for nearly a year now. According to the designer, it is not easy to create new things, even the smallest one. Verifying the concept and technical feasibility takes time, so it's unlikely it will be finished in the first quarter.

Pic: Kit Adam with wrist rest

Kit Adam with wrist rest

However, this doesn't mean that KBDcraft has been doing nothing during the time, they've listened to a lot of feedback, addressed some issues with the Adam kit and developed some upgrade parts for it.


  • Kit Adam Grey with the promise of releasing additional colors regularly
  • rubber feet (improved placement and stability)
  • sound pad (improved sound quality, core security and some weight added)
  • upgraded stabilizer (improved quality for long keys)
  • Wrist rest (Lego style of course)

Pic: Adam sound pad add-on

Adam sound pad add-on

Pic: Adam wrist rest upgrade

Adam wrist rest upgrade


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Published on Thu 9th Mar 2023. Featured in KBD #115.


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