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Laptop replacement keyboard

A tented laptop replacement keyboard by kevinfrei.

Kailh Choc Clear (clicky) switches, carbon fiber plates, Elite-C controller, and a magnetically removable “foot” in the middle.

Published on Sun 25th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #36 (source).



MUGGI 2 by jungmuk. A handwired split with a single controller, braided cables and photolog.


KUSOboard by covah901 with Longan Nano completed.


Vintage Lexmark M15

A vintage Lexmark M15 split keyboard spotted by Theotherab at garage sale.

Lil chonky bois

Third iteration of the lil chonky bois by Sndr666 with case files (git).

Santoku Gen 2

Santoku Gen 2 by tyered. Dracula teeth mouseclicks, trackpoint as a first-class citizen, split (or unsplit), 40%, mouse scroll wheel, OLED, etc.