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Atreis PCB

Atreis PCB by Jesus Climent.
Published January 8, 2022

A hotswap PCB by jclement for the originally handwired Atreis by dekonnection – an "unsplit Iris".

The Atreis, published in 2018, was based on Keebio's Iris keyboard design files, modified to achieve the same layout in a single-piece form-factor.


Because the Iris is perfect, but a splitted keyboard is not the most convenient keyboard to take when on the go. And because we can – dekonnection.

The original project repo is now updated with the PCB files.

Back in 2021 I modded an Atreis keyboard by adding a single key into what became my travel keyboard, the Atreyu. Fast forward into 2022 and I turned the original handwired Atreis into a PCB – jcliment.

Github: Atreis PCB

The PCB is untested but it's created by following the routes of the Atreyu keyboard, which, according to Jesus, is a very straightforward implementation of the Atreis, and "it is simple enough to be 99.9% sure it works as it is, as I have checked every single track of the PCB on KiCad".

Published on Sat 8th Jan 2022. Featured in KBD #60 (source).

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