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Laser cut cardboard keyboard

A 60% cardboard keyboard cut by laser with video and sound test. Committed by NotmeJR.

I'm a big fan of cardboard prototyping not just as a cheap alternative to 3D printing but as a prototyping method on it's own. Unlike 3D printing, the cardboard approach can be done with hand-tools, however, it's quite tedious. That's why I thought the next time I'll need this method I'll have to look for a company doing this in my neighborhood.

That's something NotmeJR had in mind except he apparently has a bench laser cutter.

Why? Idk. Honestly doesn't sound too bad i might cut a plate out of some thicker cardboard next time, also waiting for a hot swap board to come in so i can test the cardboard plated easier – Not Phil.

I had used my cardboard keyboard for almost a year so I know full well such a board is much sturdier that it may look. I wonder if with the proper tools this can be taken to the next level and cheap and sustainable cardboard keyboards may invade the market one day.

Published on Mon 11th Oct 2021. Featured in KBD #47 (source).


Keypatch by Genest Technologies

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Email anno 1984

Emailing anno 1984 when over seas. Posted by hagr.


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