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Maximus is a unibody split with trackpad by Protieusz – inspired by the Ieneko42c.
Published September 19, 2023
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As already mentioned last week, the Maximus by Protieusz, inspired by Daraku-Neko's Ieneko42c, is a 3D-printed monoblock split with a trackpad, plus 2 extra physical mouse keys (even though the trackpad can do gestures).

In the meantime Protieusz also published the STLs and Gerber files of this remix, which is powered by a Raspberry Pi Pico and is equipped with the 65 mm variant of the Azoteq trackpad.

The 65mm trackpad makes a big difference compared to the Ieneko42c's 43mm trackpad. Operation is much smoother – Protieusz.


  • 38 keys (3x5+3 per half + mouse keys)
  • MX, soldered
  • SMD diodes
  • Raspberry Pi Pico controller
  • 65 mm Azoteq trackpad


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Published on Tue 19th Sep 2023. Featured in KBD #136.


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