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Modular wrist-rest

u/Customniches made a 3D-printed modular wrist-rest to fit his collection.
Published May 20, 2022
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Customniches designed and shared a 3D-printed modular wrist-rest with adjustable width and removable parts to accommodate those with multiple style keyboards.

Sides can be swapped out for varying lengths to accommodate left hand macros, arrows, TKL to full size. Mid portion and top bar can be removed for arisu/alice and grub screws along the rods lock the pieces in place.

The material is wood PLA that has been sanded and stained to look like wood. Sealed with a urethane coating once smoothed.

I’ve done some wood PLA work and would of been happy with a couple foot believability, but so far even people seeing it in the room are fooled till I tell em. I think the wide flat surfaces on the print with some heavy grit sanding for the stain to set in really sells it – Customniches.

Wood wrist rest


STL files and parts list.

There are two kinds of STLs in the repo: Flattop has a smooth top while the inset accounts for a 2mm EVA foam inset held down by adhesive felt for padding.

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Published on Fri 20th May 2022. Featured in KBD #79 (source).


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