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PD_DECK is a hot macropad by Monksoffunk primarily to control Lightroom.
Published May 2, 2022

PD_DECK by @monksoffunkJP is a controller prototyle, similar to Loupedeck, with QMK support.

With the settings for Lightroom Classic, that are included by default, you can adjust exposure and black or highlight with the knobs at the same time.

When adjusting the HSL (color) values, each color component is displayed on the LED next to the knob (in addition to the OLED).

Since signals from any MIDI controller can be sent to Lightroom to control an image's parameters, i.e. Lightroom Classic is operated via MIDI, the PD_DECK can actually be used for other things that can be tampered with MIDI as well, such as mixers and sound sources.

(By default, Lightroom is on layer 1, and layers 2-4 are free.)


The OLED font you can see in the picture above is also one designed specifically for the PD_DECK project.


  • Plateless design with PCB sandwich structure
  • Middle layer is 3D printed (photo) or acrylic
  • Onboard MCU (ATMega32u4), SMD parts mounted
  • SK6812mini-e LEDs
  • The switch is Kailh Choc v1 (v2 can be used too)


Btw, the "PD" part in the name refers to "photo duel".

It makes sense for a dedicated macropad or controller for a photo editing software but in fact it has a double meaning this time.

Every Sunday, from 19:00-21:00 JST, KEEB_PD is an event where people just post cool keyboard photos on Twitter.

Check out all the posts with this hashtag:

I wanted a controller for Lightroom that would be useful for this event, so I made one. This project was also an experiment to see if I could get the 9 encoders to read correctly – @monksoffunkJP.


PD_DECK Discord channel:

Published on Mon 2nd May 2022. Featured in KBD #76 (source).

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