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Scooped layout on poles

Snoo posted a Dactyl-ish scooped keyboard with all the keys having their own post.
Published September 23, 2022

Fellow redditor Snoo-69473 came up with an uncommon scooped design: all the keys have their own little podium with different heights and angles to recreate the concave keywell of some better known boards with 3D plate, like the Dactyl.

I asked Snoo for a name for this half-keyboard, and he came up with RCC, which stands for Rows, Columns, and Columns.

After getting a resin printer a couple weeks ago, Snoo did his quite unique design in OpenSCAD. However, the code needs to be refined.

There are a lot of small problems with the design (couple dimensions are a bit off, I didn't leave quite enough room to solder one of the joints, bottom plate is too thin and curling a bit, etc. My code is also pretty hacky — literally first thing I wrote in openscad. So I wouldn't recommend anyone use my design as it is now – Snoo.


To aid handwiring, he also integrated a version of those 3D printed hotswap socket holders we've seen before:

Made keymounts with hot swap, diode, column and row wires, mount hole, and wire hole that runs down each post to the pro micro. Col / row wires are bare copper run between mounts.

This WIP project is based on a Pro Micro running QMK. Stuck to the bottom is an adhesive rubbery furniture pad to prevent sliding.

More photos in this gallery:

Published on Fri 23rd Sep 2022. Featured in KBD #96 (source).

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