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The Puzzle.

Oisín Carrol published an open-source 60% split acrylic keyboard: the handwired Puzzle.
Published November 23, 2022

Puzzle is a split keyboard by Oisín Carroll aka Another_moose. It can fit together to be used as a regular 60% keyboard and is designed to be cut out of 5 layers of acrylic, which then stack together.

Currently there is no PCB, and the prototype in the photo above is hand-wired.

I wanted a split/ combining keyboard, but didn't want to pay $$$ for it... Hence, the Puzzle! – Another_moose.


  • Can be used as a 60% normal layout keyboard as well as a split keyboard.
  • It's designed to be laser-cut in layered acrylic cheaply – "no need for expensive metal plates, PCBs or other custom metal hardware".
  • Configurable: the author wanted the 'b' key on the opposite side, but " you don't have to".
  • Hand-wired


Published on Wed 23rd Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #104 (source).

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