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Walnut keyboard

Walnut keyboard by priceT00High.


  • case is milled from a single piece of walnut
  • plateless, cutouts milled into the case
  • controller: Teensy 2++, testing bluetooth right now.

This is revision 6 of my daily driver. This is an improvement over the last because I wanted a touch pad. With a lot of splits, guys will sometimes put their mouse in between. I think that's awkward. A trackpad here is not meant to be a mouse replacement, it is meant to be used in conjunction with a mouse. Often time if a tap is all you want, it would be much easier to grab the pad. Other times, you want precision for things like AutoCAD, so a mouse is preferred – priceTOOHigh.

The CNC machine used was a Shapeoko 3xl. The finish is satin laquer finish underneath a coat of wax. Finally, the touchpad is a Keymecher Mano – a Bluetooth one independent from the keyboard.

Published on Sun 18th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #35 (source).

Tags: wood


Giant macropad

A wooden macropad for NovelKeys Big Switches with pen tray. Committed by AuthenticDanger.

Custom handwired split

A custom handwired keyboard by llpamies with build gallery.


A fixed-angle split from plywood

AM96: a monoblock split from plywood by berkstone with Easel files.