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Zaphod: 34-key unibody split

The Zaphod is a 34-key, wireless, low profile unibody split by petejohanson.
Published April 23, 2021
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A lot of things to see on this Ferris-inspired board:

The Zaphod PCB features an onboard nRF52840 via Holyiot module and runs ZMK as the firmware.

The display is not e-ink but a Sharp memory LCD. Faster refresh rate than EPD, but low power since they use ambient light to be visible. (Refresh rate demonstration here).

It's actually a low power LCD, with the power saving over traditional LCDs coming from the use of integrated memory.

The actual build on the pic features low profile Choc White keyswitches with MBK blank caps (MBK Holo on homing keys and Pseudoku Asymplex artisan/custom convex thumbs.)

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Published on Fri 23rd Apr 2021. Featured in KBD #23 (source).



Suika's Cisne is a cool 40% monoblock with 5% tenting.


Kotte's Batoid is a handwired monoblock split in a cute case. Small footprint, big personality.

Bad Wings: Slim

An ultrathin, wireless monoblock split keyboard with Kailh X switches – Bad Wings: Slim by Jason Hazel.


Pteron56: Alexander's handwired build is based on FSund's design. Some new plates added to the project.

Lev's trackpad keywell board

A little bit of Dactyl, a little bit of Corne, and a *lot* of trackpad space: a unibody split prototype by u/levpopov.

Mantis v0.2

Felix Kuehling's Mantis v0.2, sporting HEX keycaps, has now PCBs on two levels to imitate tenting.