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36-key Low-Profile Split

This 36-key sub-100x100mm low profile split by richardgoulter features switches soldered directly to pins, without a matrix.
Published December 30, 2020

Published on Wed 30th Dec 2020. Featured in KBD #7 (source).

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The Nyx is tadfisher's first PCB project. Waiting for a git repo.

Concertina MX first draft print

Concertina MX first draft print by BHRobots. Based on VIktor Eikman's Concertina, adapted to fit MX switches.

Sweep keyboards

[x|Sweep] is a family of Ferris-derivatives featuring daughterboards instead of onboard controllers.



Enigma36 handwired with underglow and trackpoint sadekbaroudi.


Adelheid build

The Adelheid by floookay is an Arisu-fork with function keys (repo). Built by Ok_Promotion_6175.


A contemporary split built with scavenged Hall-effect switches and caps from a vintage keyboard.