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Amano is an Alice layout keyboard designed by h40, with case and wrist rest files published.
Published February 9, 2023
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Heavily inspired by the original Alice design by yuktsi of TGR, the case, wrist rest and packaging (carrying case foam) design files for h40's Amano, an Alice layout keyboard, have been published.

The Amano project is open source and I believe the builder community you are maintaining would appreciate it – h40.

The top mount Alice-style case (with a weight) is compatible with the Mechlovin Adelais Rev. 4 Alice PCB.

h40 aka h.i offered you a 5% discount as well at – clicking this link adds the discount automatically.


  • Alice layout
  • Top mount
  • 7 degrees typing angle
  • Aluminum/polycarbonate tops, polycarbonate bottoms, brass or stainless steel weight
  • Effective keyboard height of 23.1mm

Sound test


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Published on Thu 9th Feb 2023. Featured in KBD #113.



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