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Art Deco Macropad Case

A Bioshock inspired art deco macropad case by ZackGear.
Published January 5, 2023

MrRogers aka ZackGear shared a 6-key macropad case based on the Art Deco architecture design from Bioshock and Fallout series.

The macropad is handwired, but uses a wireless controller from a broken Logitech keyboard.

  • Printed on Saturn 2 resin 3D printer with ELEGOO standard translucent resin.
  • Sliced in Lychee with autogenerated medium supports, 4hrs to print.
  • SA Nuclear keycaps.
  • Wired up with the remains of a broken wireless Logitech keyboard.


Published on Thu 5th Jan 2023. Featured in KBD #110 (source).

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