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Cherry's Lily58

Cherry's Lily58 case by cherryvellia and obosob.

A cherry blossom themed layered acrylic case designed by cherryvellia and /u/obosob.

More pictures:

The software used to design and modify the acrylic case were:

From my end mostly LibreCAD and FreeCAD, from hers she added the various bits of intricate graphic detail in vectornator for iPad. the patterns are laser engravings, from the plate upwards to the very top each layer has different engravings that go together to make a kind of paralax falling petals effect – obosob.

The underside and wrist rest have some rose gold mirror acrylic inside a clear acrylic of the negative space, all sandwiched between a layer of clear acrylic on either side.

Published on Sun 18th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #35 (source).



The Matcha59 is a hand-wired, angled, 3D-printable Preonic alternative by rykbio.


Printed ring gasket mount case

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Rit dyeing a case

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Crkbd magnetic case

A 3D printed magnetic case by taksi_kavausuki for Crkbd choc keyboards – with STL file.